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Fabric Cutter

  • Fabric &Textile Digital Cutter – B3 Series

    Fabric &Textile Digital Cutter – B3 Series

    B3 Flatbed digital cutting system can realize through cutting, half cutting, creasing, milling, punching and nesting with high speed and high precision. With conveyor table, B3 can complete the material feeding and collecting with fast speed. It is quite suitable for sample making, short-run and mass production in Sign & Graphic, Packaging, Automotive, Gasket industries.

  • Sewing Template Cutter – A3 Series

    Sewing Template Cutter – A3 Series

    AMEIDA combined our experience on cutting machine with the actual needs of users, build the powerful influence in the apparel industry template.
    A3 realize the template and pattern cutting,  make the pattern replacement of materials is easy to operate.