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The machine cuts according to the path designed by the computer


Now, more than a century after the industrial revolution, the clothing market is not only mature, but also increasingly saturated. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of living standards, big brands have become daily consumption, unable to meet the needs of people pursuing fashion, and customized studios began to enter the market. From the measurement to the final sewing and ironing, it is inevitable that different mistakes will occur in the process of full manual customization due to the difference in manual work. Because of the expensive labor cost, the price of customized clothing is also expensive. The vibrating knife cutting machine can automatically discharge materials on the computer to minimize the waste of raw materials. The machine cuts according to the path designed by the computer, and there is no manpower to achieve the perfect effect meticulously due to the limitations of technology and strength. The cut cloth shall be free of wire drawing. Specially made clothing blades with more flexible corners. Machine application conforms to the direction of the development of the times, and using machines is the right choice to move in this direction.