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Automatic cutting with 3 cutter heads, which can automatically find edges according to design documents


With the development of the advertising industry, more and more customized personalized printing needs appear in the market, and various online and offline small batch customization businesses also emerge as the times require. In particular, label stickers will be customized in small quantities, regardless of the number of products sold or the seasonal change of promotional needs. While the traditional label cutting machine has more advantages in speed, it needs to make the mold according to the sticker every time, which not only takes time, but also virtually increases the cost. At the same time, the large label cutting machine is not suitable for the production of customized products because of its large volume, wide area and high procurement cost. Amrita C series digital label cutting machine uses 3 cutter heads to cut automatically. It can automatically find edges according to design documents. It can cut all kinds of standard graphics or special-shaped patterns without cutting dies. The automatic deviation correction function ensures the accuracy of continuous cutting for a long time, and the automatic operation can be carried out without care. This label cutting machine can complete the functions of waste discharge and film covering while cutting labels, saving labor and cost to the greatest extent. At the same time, the Amrita C series digital label cutting machine is small in size and occupies a smaller area, which is especially suitable for small custom printing enterprises and large manufacturers that independently produce printing materials to make barcodes and labels by themselves.