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Carton Proofing Machine Manufacturer: Brief Introduction to Carton Proofing Machine


Carton proofing machine is a machine used by carton factories to make carton samples. Generally, after accepting the entrustment of customers and the specifications and requirements of customers for products, carton factories will first make one or more samples, return them to customers for correction and confirmation, and sign a contract for batch production. The proofing machine belongs to the machinery used for the preliminary production of the carton factory. In the process of proofing, the operation of the proofing machine is important. Of course, the working state of the proofing machine is also very important. Only by keeping the proofing machine in good working condition can we ensure that the dot can maintain good quality in the transmission process and obtain qualified samples.

Working principle of carton proofing machine:

The documents and graphics processed by professional software include the indentation line type, cutting line type (corrugated paper/cardboard/film paper) required by the actual box sample, and may also include dimension marks, document notes, etc. (cardboard/film paper, etc.). According to the actual needs, install different cutting tools/crimping wheels/drawing tools, and transfer them to the machine through the network or data lines in a certain format, The machine will automatically identify various lines in the graph and select the corresponding tools (knife/pressing wheel/pen). At the same time, it will work according to the corresponding parameter settings, such as working speed, tool type, cutting depth of the blade, depth of the indentation, etc., to complete the box sample or drawing.

In the past, odd shaped cartoons and jigsaw pieces could only be made with die cutting boards, while some three-dimensional boxes and objects could not be designed at once. They must be modified and assembled repeatedly to achieve real effects; The increasingly fierce and rapidly changing consumer goods in the consumer market are competing for their own development space. Therefore, manufacturers change the packaging design more frequently in order to grasp the market initiative. It is normal that the design cycle has been shortened from a few weeks four or five years ago to a few days, and the production cycle of packaging products has become shorter and shorter.