Sewing Template Cutter – A3 Series

Short Description:

AMEIDA combined our experience on cutting machine with the actual needs of users, build the powerful influence in the apparel industry template.
A3 realize the template and pattern cutting,  make the pattern replacement of materials is easy to operate.

Product Detail

Product Tags

* A variety of milling cutter diameter: the diameter cutter has a variety of choices, a sewing completed, can be a cutting plate clean and neat, edge without secondary processing, high cutting precision.
*Realize the multilayer cutting: accumulative thickness material generally can be reached between 3 mm to 4 mm, multilayer cutting available humidifying method implementation;
* Professional design software: professional templates to optimize production software, which is developed according to user needs, let the user free simple creation;
* Software compatibility: compatible with market any clothing CAD software, so/serial/USB output quick and easy;
* Template technology comprehensively, AMEIDA company is currently on the market’s ability to use all of the clothing template technology, exquisite and comprehensive;
* Full set of professional training, AMEIDA company can provide a full set of equipment to use templates, software operation and training services, more convenient for customers.

8L9A6319 A3 8L9A6311


1.A variety of heads for template processing and pattern making
2.Vacuum function to keep the environment clean and tidy
3.Powerful vacuum system, strong adsorption, power saving
4.220V power supply, regular lighting power can produce
5.Professional template software, design template is simple and convenient





Effective Working Area(L*W)



Cutting Speed


Cutting Thickness


Cutting Material

PVC sheet, acrylic sheet, etc.

Cutting Method

Multi-Function Knife Holder, Milling Tool, Pen


Sign Pen, Milling Tool

Fixing Method

Vacuum suction

Repeated  Accuracy


Software Dpi



Ethernet port

Buffer Capacity

One-time fast transfer repeatable cutting


HPGL compatible format

CNC Interface

LCD touch screen

Working Characteristics

Can be connected to any CAD software, computer-aided design and cutting simultaneously

Main Configuration

Stepper Drive, Linear Guide, Dc Spindle

Pump Power




Working Voltage/Freguency

AC 220V ±10% 50~60Hz

Working Environment

Temperature: -5° ~  35° Humidity: 35%~75%

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